Airport security throws out 500 oz of breastmilk

A woman travelling through Heathrow airport was forced to throw 500 ounces of frozen breast milk in the garbage. This story is so infuriating, and as someone who has pumped breast milk for two children I can only imagine how much work went into collecting this supply and how upset this mom must be.

The fact that the milk was frozen is only one of the problems with this decision (apparently someone decided that the milk might “become liquid” at some point during the flight). The other problem is that this happened DESPITE a statement on the Heathrow website that states exceptions to rules regarding liquids on airplanes include baby food. Although the list does not explicitly include¬†frozen breast milk it should be common sense that this falls within the category¬†of baby food.

Breast feeding parents face many challenges and obstacles, and sheer ignorance by a person in a position of authority is just one more. Although it is too late for this mother to get her milk back, I hope that this will spur some changes to ensure that nursing parents everywhere are protected from future incidents like this.